Be Somebody - Part 9

Part 9

"Oopsie" doesn't even begin to describe it.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [2043; a playground in the Metroplex area] (MG, as his "Borroabody" robot "Erica", who has noticed BG's robot is having… "stiffness issues") "Dare I ask how that feels on you?" (BG, as her robot "Gino", whose crotch is getting a little "overactive") "I think my crotch is getting pinched a little… Look, can you just help me get this stupid thing deflated?!" (MG/Erica) "You do know that real erections take a few minutes to dissipate, right?" (BG/Gino) "You're NOT helping any! There's gotta be a way to override this thing…" (CW, whose little girl robot "Mimi" is running over from playing on the playground) "Wow that was FUN! I should do this more WHAT THE FUCK'S GOING ON HERE?!" (BG/Gino, whose "erection" has overridden the seam of her pants) "I can't get this hard-on to go away! I think it's malfunctioning… Ah shit…" (CW/Mimi, who's freaking out a bit) "FUCKING HELL, Beth! Put that cock away before we get busted! This could really…" (Police officer, partially off-screen, pointing a gun at the three of them) "STOP RIGHT THERE!!!" (CW/Mimi, finishing her thought) "…make us look bad."

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