Be Somebody - Part 8

Part 8

Continuing with the subtle references... Matt/Erica just went shopping at Beaton's department store. :)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [2043; a playground in the Metroplex area] (CW, as "Mimi", sliding down a tube-slide) "WHEEE!!!" (MG, as "Erica", talking to BG – and holding a bag from Beaton's Department Store) "Come on Beth... GINO... at least Cassie's out there enjoying herself!" (BG, as "Gino") "I'm enjoying myself... watching you make an ass of yourself!" (MG/Erica) "Hey, it's not every day I get to wear a sexy dress and not look or feel awkward! Though the high heels do take some getting used to..." (BG/Gino) "Sexy?! That dress looks hideous! I hope you didn't spend a fortune, cuz I sure as hell ain't wearing it!" (MG/Erica, pulling out some lingerie from the bag) "Maybe if I put Erica in one of these, I can get you going!" (BG/Gino) "Whatever... You're just irritating me more than turning me on right now!" (MG/Erica, pointing downward at an obvious "bulge") "Ohh, I'd say your pants are telling a different story!" (BG/Gino) "YOU. SUCK." (MG/Erica) "Not out here in public, sweetie!"

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