Be Somebody - Part 6

Part 6

Those of you who are wondering what "ANED" is... simply pick "Cassandra's Secret" in the archive page and refresh your memory.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [2043; CW, MG and BG are at Borroabody, about to begin their "adventure"] (BH voiceover, as the three enter a corridor with a bunch of pod-like "rooms") "Please choose an unoccupied pod, scan your tag, and close the door. [MG pulls off his clothes – butt sighting! – with a suit on the right and a "couch" on the left] Remove all articles of clothing and put on your specialized control suit. [BG has on her suit; pulling it "closed"] Your suit will automatically contract to fit your body. It is fully sanitized after each use, and patented 'ANED' technology will vaporize any excretement that you may discharge. [in case you forgot, check the Wikipedia entry back in strip 44; meanwhile CW puts on her goggles and headset – looking all the world like she's about to go skydiving] Finally, put on your headset, take your seat, and your Borroabody experience will begin." [And with a few BLINKS of a virtual eye] (CW, in her "kid" body – a little girl with an odango "double-bob" afro hairstyle) "WHOA! I'm FOUR YEARS OLD AGAIN!" (MG, off-screen) "Cassie?" (CW) "Yep! Also known as Mimi! Lookin' real sexy there, Erica!" (MG, looking down at CW's little girl robot) "Heh... Thanks! Now all we need is Bethany... [looking over her shoulder] I didn't see the robot she picked. I wonder who she..." (BG, who is a male in a white t-shirt – that looks a lot like Matt) "Hey Erica! Come an' give your boyfriend Gino a nice tongue kiss, Toots!"

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