Be Somebody - Part 4

Part 4

There's all sorts of legal and criminal implications that could arise from remote-controlling a robot. But I shan't elaborate on them, as I'm trying to keep this arc lighthearted.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [2043; Outside the local "BORROABODY" outlet – "OPEN 24 HOURS Pods Available"] (MG, in shadow outside the entrance) "So... Why are we doing it this year?" (ND, who apparently does not join the group inside) "It's the optimum time where it's still growing in popularity, but just before it's restrained by regulations resulting from some incidents involving sex offenders." (BG, also in shadow) "Wow... that sucks." [Inside; the "front desk" of Borroabody – signs on the wall read "Best Value $749.99" on one sign; "GROUP RATES AVAILABLE" and "Ask about our WORKFORCE BUSINESS RENTAL PROGRAM"] (Borroabody "Host") "Welcome to Borroabody! We have plenty of open pods if you wanna jump right in!" (CW) "Thanks! You have any kid models available?" (BH) "Yep, we still got a few of those!" [All three are looking up at the "menu" choices] (BG) "I can't decide what I want... What about you, Matt?" (MG, pointing up) "I... might want to try... (whispering) a female model..." (BG) "WHAT was that?" (MG, blushing with some anime "sweat drops") "You knooow... One of ... (whispering again) those... females..." (BG) "What, Matt? You want to be a woman? I knew it!"

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