Be Somebody - Part 3

Part 3

In the interest of full disclosure, the "robot boy" arc from Jeph Jacques's stupendous webcomic Questionable Content was indeed part of the inspiration for this storyline.

To all my American readers: have a safe and fun Memorial Day! (And raise a toast to all those troopers who gave their lives to make this fun and freedom possible!)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (ND, pulling up a hologram video for BG and CW) "It's a specialized robot rental service called 'Borroabody'. You get into a specialized suit, strap on some virtual-reality goggles, and you're completely controlling a robot with your entire body, like you were transplanted into that robot." (CW) "Coo1! What decade is this in?" (ND) "The service became wildly popular by the 2040's, mostly among the elderly who wanted to relive their youthful days. (BG) "That sounds like Fun!" (MG) "What are we talking about here?" (CW) "Nicki's talking about a future pastime where you can control a humanoid robot like you were the robot itself!" (ND) "Borroabody was founded in 2037 by Austin Tullier, a robotics and nanotech engineer who was experimenting with some used robots that he bought on eBay." (MG) "He must've gotten the idea from 'Avatar' or 'The Matrix', right?" (ND) "Actually, he got the idea from an old 'Questionable Content' comic book."

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