Behind The Necklace - Part 19

Part 19

For those of you unfamiliar with Philip's online username (or you were but didn't get the hint), he was born in 1978.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW is wrapping up the story of her time travels) [1522, flashback to strip 123; Cassie and Agent Scott] I did a pretty good job of keeping the time traveling to myself, but I did get a little careless later on. That was when Agent Scott entered the picture. He was originally gonna take all my time-travel stuff away, but I convinced him to let me keep it. [1967, flashback to strip 207; Cassie and Matt] Why wouldn't I fight for that? Time travel's been very good to me! I bought a house for a tiny fraction of what I'd have to pay today... [1349, flashback to strip 225; Cassie and Maggie] ...I made many new friends through the ages, and even saved a few lives... [1959, flashback to strip 330; Cassie and Bethany] ...and I made tons of money thanks to my knowledge of the future... which enabled me to take many memorable vacations without missing a day of work! (CW, laying on PW's lap on the couch) "I've lost track of how many of those 'extended vacations' I took, though. Talk about adding YEARS to your life!" (PW) "So... At this point, I may actually be dating an older woman?" (CW, pointing up at him) "HEY NOW! You know I'm in a perfect position to bite your balls off, right?"

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