Behind The Necklace - Part 18

Part 18

This here would be Cassie's first "Gumpification", also referred to on as simply "The Gump".

ADDED 10-28-12: Well, now the trope is called "Been There, Shaped History". I don't mind them changing the names, unless the new name is less fun. :P

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW, laying on PW's lap on her couch) That was when I turned into quite the libertine. I wasn't doing any gangbangs or anything... but I just wanted to break out of my comfort zone and be totally uninhibited for a bit. (PW) "Wow... So did you score with any historical guys?" [1775, flashback to strip 67 – BEFORE she yelled "Rock Me Amadeus!"] (CW, off-screen) Quite a few! Don't worry, I wouldn't sleep around on your now... but with time travel, I've had everything from caveman cock to Mozart to Miltie! [1969, an unknown bar] Some guys were not as willing to hook up, though... (CW, in halter top & bandana) "Come on! It's the Sixties! Free love, dammit! Don't you want to fuck me?" (Burton Cummings) "Whoa... Get away.. Stay away from me! I gotta go..." (CW, to PW) "And as it turned out, that last guy was the lead singer for the Guess Who!" (PW) "Wait... YOU were THAT 'American Woman'???"

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