Behind The Necklace - Part 5

Part 5

I'm totally guessing as to how these atom-smasher element-fusion experiments are carried out. Even after Googling my ass off, I couldn't find any definitive pictures. So there you go. Any physicists who want to whine about inaccuracies can suck it. :P

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW, continuing her story) I was always fascinated by the periodic table... and all those new elements that people were managing to create. So as one of my personal projects I set out to fabricate those elements that were not yet created by others. [The Super-collider] I spent lots of time at that Super-Collider, bombarding various materials with particles at various intensities. It was tedious and dangerous work for sure, but I stayed motivated with the thought of becoming a famous physicist who discovered a new element. Many months went by until finally, in the spring of 2005, [March] I discovered that I had something new on my hands. [The shiny! She picks it up through the radioactive manipulation gloves...] The atomic number was recorded at 150. And while other triple-digit elements fizzled out after a couple of minutes, this one had plenty of staying power. [FZZZT] Or so I thought. Suddenly, it vanished. [CW turns away from the manipulation chamber, making a note on a clipboard] I assumed that it vaporized from a combination of intense radioactivity and high density. At that point I wrote it off as another unstable element... until it reappeared right before my eyes. [FZZZT Plink]

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