Meet The Wellses - Part 5

Part 5

And the roller coaster ride continues...

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (Mom) "WHAT have you been up to, young lady???" (CW) "THAT is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, Mom! I'm sorry if I'm not living the perfect little wholesome lifestyle that you're expecting, but it's still MY LIFE!" (Mom) "I don't know what's worse. The fact that you're living so sinfully or that you're so SHAMELESS about it!" (CW) "Well I don't care, I'm staying with Philip! We may even SLEEP IN THE SAME BED! So DEAL WITH IT!" (Mom) "I oughta SLAP YOU SILLY..." (Dad, angrily stepping between the two) "THAT'S ENOUGH OUTTA YOU TWO! (turning to his wife) This is supposed to be a happy occasion, not some freakin' morality wrestling match! You two need to just BACK OFF and COOL DOWN a bit! (turning to Cassie) Besides, all that rage and stress isn't doing your mother any good, what with her cancer and all!" (CW) "CANCER?!" (Dad, realizing his mistake) "Aw Crap..." (Mom) "Bobby, I told you not to bring that up until after her birthday!" [Meanwhile, PatW is open-mouthed and stunned!]

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