Meet The Wellses - Part 3

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW, whispering to Philip) "By the way, keep in mind that NOBODY in my family knows about my time-travel secret." (PW) "I guess that would be for the better!" (PatW) "Hey Cassie! This is my girlfriend Geri..." (PW) "Hi Geri, Patrick! I'm Philip!" (GS) "Pleased to meet you two!" (CW) "hello, Geri! So how did you two meet?" (PatW) "Well, you remember Jake Holland, the head of the 'Gary's Guys' Charity? His wife's friend Jasmine showed up at a fundraiser with Geri, her daughter, and we hit it off instantly." (CW, suddenly remembering her first meeting with Gary way back in 362) "REALLLLY..." (GS) "Yeah, I told him it was a miracle that he met me. My mom said I wouldn't even be here today if she wasn't talked out of committing suicide after her boyfriend died in Vietnam!" (PatW) "Yep, Geri can be honest to the point of bluntness, but that's one reason why I love her!" (CW) "...And there's one of those moments where I wish I could tell my brother the truth." (PW) "I take it you had something to do with her mother?"

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