Meet The Wellses - Part 1

Part 1

New storyline... and this is all taking place on the weekend of February 4th. If you've ever read the FAQ, you'll know that Cassie's birth date is February 8, 1982... so this year is her big 3-0.

Comic transcript

[Heading home to Tyler with Philip] (CW) "So... ready to meet my family?" (PW) "Yeah. Though I am a little nervous." (CW) "Oh, don't be. Mom and dad are wonderful people! Just keep in mind... Mom's a Christian Conservative type and Dad's more laid back and open minded. Patrick's kinda like Dad, plus he's an army vet." (PW) "Well, it's nice that your brother and his girlfriend are gonna be there to help you celebrate your birthday!" (CW) "Yeah... yeesh... I'm gonna be 30 next week. I don't think I'm ready." (PW) "Hey, it's no big deal... I did that four years ago and I had no problems with it! Besides... For all intents and purposes, you probably turned 30 already not too long ago!" (CW) "You're right. I should've put something on my time machine to keep track of all the 'overlapping'!"

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