Destined To Become The Next Roger Clinton

Destined To Become The Next Roger Clinton

Thomas Overbeck

I don't really HATE Paris Hilton, but I do think Nicky's hotter than Paris, and we hardly ever hear from her.

And if you're wondering who "Kortney" and "Zoogie" are, they're characters from one of my favorite newspaper strips, "Single and Looking" (formerly "Out Of The Gene Pool") by Matt Janz.

Also, this is another strip that got a bit of a makeover, because the characters in the first two panels looked more out of whack than normal (normal at that time, even).

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (MG, to CW as they sit on the couch) "Ugh. I'm getting so sick of hearing about Paris Hilton. Does the media ever get tired of her?" (CW) "Well, let's just find out, shall we? [out in the backyard] I've got the laptop. We'll go 40 years into the future, do a web search for 'Hilton', and then we'll see how many items pop up and how recent they are... [2048] Uh-oh... This ain't good... I'm getting a lot of articles about President Hilton... [MG starts to shake in fear] Oh wait, never mind, that's President Nicky Hilton..." [MG passes out from the revelation]

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