Storage War Is Hell - Part 6

Part 6

It's not always a continuum-threatening situation when Agent Scott shows up.

This is the last TLT strip that I'm doing.... in my thirties. Tomorrow is the big 4-0 for me. Yikes.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [2010; Rose Bowl Self Storage in Pasadena, California] (KS, emerging from his lawn mower "disguise") "Yeah... Putting that Bonnie & Clyde cigar tin in another storage unit would be a really bad idea. (CW) "Why... Do I lose the time machine?" (PW) "Does Brandi seduce me and in the heat of passion I tell her the time-travel secret?" (CW) "Oh, you wish... Do the TV cameras or security cameras catch me in a time window?" (KS) "Well, no... It's just that some guy with a popular blog notices the same cigar tin showing up in two different storage units. He then accuses the A&E Network of rigging the show, and that ultimately leads to its getting cancelled after two seasons." (PW, incredulous; CW is speechless) "...That's it? No... cataclysmic timespace collapse?" (KS) "Nope. I just love the show! Barry KICKS ASS!"

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