Cassandra's Secret - Part 6

Part 6

The poop-zapping underwear storyline finally comes to a close. (And in case you're wondering: that's CHRIS Jagger, not Mick. You may remember Chris Jagger from the nationally-syndicated 90's dating show "Change Of Heart"... well, he hosts a morning radio show in Dallas now.)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW, driving to work in the present day, talking to herself) It sure feels weird to be wearing what amounts to be French-cut "Depends" from the future... [Radio in background is tuned to Chris Jagger's morning show in Dallas: "Luv ya, man!"] ...not to mention the fact that I could take a dump right here in my car and these undies would zap it instantly. In fact, I really gotta pee right now, but I don't wanna turn off 'The Jagger Show' just yet... [Radio: "She's a clinical psychologist and certified sex therapist..."] Time to put these magic panties to work, I guess... here goes nothing... (out loud) "Oooh! That tickles!" [Radio: "Fantaaaastic!" While the underwear goes FZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT] (to herself) Hmmm... there's something oddly relaxing about relieving yourself in cushioned comfort.. (out loud) "Aaaahhhhhhh... (MG) "`Sup, Cassie!" (CW, surprised!) "...AIEEEEEE!!! MATT!!! How long have you been there?!" (MG) "I just got here... Hey, what's that buzzing noise?" (CW) "Oh... It's my... um... I just got these... uh..." [Radio: "Awkward moment..." While the underwear finishes with a FZZZZZZZZZZZZZT] (MG) "Hey, your secret's safe with me. No one has to know you like a little 'Pocket Rocket' action on the go!" (CW) "What? NO! It's not what you thi-- ah, fuck."

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