Storage War Is Hell - Part 5

Part 5

That should be all the main Storage Wars folks that I've put into my comic by now... Dan & Laura Dotson and Dave Hester, plus Barry Weiss and those unforgettable skeleton gloves (my son has something similar to those).

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [2010; the A&E cameras are rolling as Dan and Laura Dotson are in the middle of another auction – that Barry isn't bidding on, as he's clearing out the junk from the locker he purchased; Cassie passes by in the background] (CW, to Barry) "Hey there! Are you gonna throw all this stuff away?" (BW, holding a box) "Yeah, if you want anything you can have it. NONE of that junk interests me!" (CW, holding the cigar box in hand) "Did you see anything you like?" (PW) "Nope... Not even anything I could use in cosplay... But I guess you're gonna replant that cigar tin, huh?" (CW) "Yeah, maybe Darrell can see the value in it... Which one did he get?" (KS, in that lawn mower again) "I wouldn't do that if I were you!" (CW, surprised) "Agent SCOTT???" (PW, confused) "Wait... A storage unit auction show brings about the tearing of the space-time continuum?"

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