Storage War Is Hell - Part 4

Part 4

Don't try to hunt this episode down, it doesn't exist... in fact, taping for Storage Wars didn't even start until December 1st of that year. But yeah, Barry's been known to trash everything else in a storage unit in the hopes of cashing in big on one particular object.

Also: Happy Turkey Day to my American readers!

Comic transcript

(PW, driving along the Santa Monica freeway with Cassie & "the goods") "Where's the location for that one we just watched?" (CW) "It's at 'Rose Bowl Self Storage' in Pasadena, taped November 5th, 2010. (consulting Philip's iPad once they are there) Dave won big, Darrell got second, Jarrod didn't get anything and Barry lost over a thousand on his unit." (PW) "I think Barry would appreciate a piece of history in his stash!" (CW) "I agree... So here's what we do... First, we'll scope out the exact location of the storage unit... [1838] ...Next, we go back to before the unit was built... (the open plains of what would eventually become Pasadena) ...Now we open a time window to inside the unit – just before it's auctioned off – and leave our little gift! (tosses in the Bonnie Parker cigar box) Now let's watch the results..." (Barry Weiss) "Ugh... So much junk to go through, just to get to what I saw in this one... (tosses aside the cigar box) ...Some old beat-up cigar holder..." (CW, irate) "WHAT THE FUCK, BARRY?! THAT'S BONNIE PARKER'S!" (PW) "Well, you gotta admit the historical significance is NOT that evident..."

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