Storage War Is Hell - Part 3

Part 3

Reading up on the story of Bonnie & Clyde, apparently Bonnie had a penchant for smoking (and chewing) cigars.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1950; a soda fountain in Southern California] (Manager) "Yep, since we got the new machine no one ever plays this one anymore... I'll give it to you for thirty bucks." (CW) "It's a deal!" (PW, seeing Cassie walk through the time portal; his truck is already loaded with stuff) "Oooh... Nice! A vintage pinball machine!" (CW) "In pretty good shape, too! (inside the truck with Philip) Now all we gotta do is watch the show on your iPad and find out where they've been, so we can go back and 'spruce up' their storage units!" (PW) "I'd say we got ourselves a pretty good haul, between the Esso gas pump and the Cushman scooters... But did we have to get that cigar tin? That was a pretty dangerous situation!" (CW) "Hey, Bonnie and Clyde were gonna get killed in a few more days, anyway!"

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