Storage War Is Hell - Part 2

Part 2

Featuring the "young guns" Storage Wars duo of Jarrod & Brandi.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [The TV in Philip's bedroom is tuned to Storage Wars] (Jarrod Schulz, co-owner of the Now And Then Second Hand Store with wife Brandi Passante, are looking over the unit they managed to win in auction) "This unit was a major bust, man. We're gonna pay big time for this." (PW, off-screen) "Crap... Almost makes you want to help them out." (CW, talking to him as they're in bed together) "Well, we could get some 'old' antiques and have some fun with the 'Storage Wars' people." (PW) "When do you wanna do that?" (CW) "Let's leave tomorrow morning! Do a little road trip to California!" (PW) "I can't do it tomorrow, I've got an important meeting!" (CW) "Hey dumbass, remember who you're in bed with? We could go two weeks in LA, and when we get back, I'll put you right back in this point in time! You won't miss a single day of work!" (PW) "Oh, that's right... You can give yourself unlimited vacation time with your time machine, huh?" (CW) "Yep... Do it all the time! In fact, you can call my home number right now and I'll pick up!"

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