Storage War Is Hell - Part 1

Part 1

Here's our next storyline involving a show that my wife first got hooked on, and it eventually drew me in as well... A&E's "Storage Wars".

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (PW, entering as Cassie is seated on the couch watching TV) "What're you watchin'?" (CW) "It's called 'Storage Wars'. It's a reality show about abandoned storage units being auctioned off to people who try to make a profit off the stuff inside. And they follow four different people trying to do just that... Pretty intriguing if you ask me!" [Auction going on in the background; the bidding just went up to $400, with Dave "The Mogul" Hester as the high bidder] (Darrell Sheets, San Diego Kobey's Swap Meet) "I know Dave's tryin' to run up the price on this one... But I'm bitin' and not lettin' go!" (PW, seeing the "A&E" logo in the corner) "Wait... This is the A&E Network???" (CW) "Yep... Seems out of place right? Remember when the A&E Network was all about opera, Mozart, Broadway and stuff like that?" (PW) "Heh... You couldn't possibly get a show like this on the A&E of old!" (CW, who's crawled up into his lap) "I know... I asked an A&E exec in 1984 about maybe putting a storage-unit show on there, and he laughed in my face!"

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