Burning Desire - Part 8

Part 8

That's the end of that storyline... and the beginning of a new chapter in Cassie's life.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Exterior, Lubbock Regional Medical Center] (CW, wrapping up her explanation of time travel) "...And that's how it all works." (PW) "Wow... That is mind-blowing." (CW, none the worse for wear, in Philip's hospital room with KS; she is holding Philip's hand – and a little afraid about what she's got to do next) "Now... Remember what you said a few months ago in cyberspace about time travel? I can trust you to keep this TOP SECRET, right?" (PW, with bandages on his head and arm) "ABSOLUTELY. I promise. (Cassie looks at Agent Scott, as he looks out the window, and checks his iPhone; Philip's a bit confused) "Umm..." (CW, to KS) "Nothing?" (KS) "We're good. Looks like he checks out!" (PW, weakly pointing at KS) "So... Is he supposed to be the 'Al' or 'Ziggy' of this operation?" (KS) "Not exactly, but the important thing is, you're 'in the circle' now... Joining only a select few." (PW) "Okay... So what comes next?" (KS) "We'll hook you up with some cloned-skin regeneration." (CW) "With a doctor voted the Metroplex's best cosmetic surgeon of 2045!"

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