Cassandra's Secret - Part 5

Part 5

Spot the Idiocracy reference!

TLT Trivia: That's my nephew that the department store is named after.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [2071] (Hakeem) "So... wanna try using the ANED-enhanced underwear?" (CW) "Sure... it sounds interesting, at least." (Hakeem) "Cool. We're having a sale on the 'Autofit' panties, 2 for $100... You pull them up and they automatically conform to your figure!" (CW) "Sounds good to me... I'll take a roll of battery tape, too." (Hakeem, handing her a shopping bag with "Liam's" on it) "Okay, total comes to $130.20... and there's your change! Enjoy! Now, if you'll excuse me... AAHHH... nothing like a nice long refreshing piss after a quart of 'Brawndo'!" (CW, very uncomfortably) "Riiiight... I think I'll be leaving now, kthanxbye..."

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