Burning Desire - Part 7

Part 7

...but it looks like he'll pull through.

By the way, I really wasn't planning for the climax to this story to coincide with TLT's 4th birthday (on Oct. 22nd) ...but I'm glad it ended up that way.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [2011; thirty-plus-a-bit minutes after the explosion; Cassie leaning over Philip, sobbing over his unconscious body, thinking she's lost him – again; and then... movement!] (PW) "Uhhhh..." (CW) "PHILIP!!!" (PW, very woozy) "Wh.. what happened?..." (CW, crying still, but with a smile) "There was a huge blast, but I... got you away from it. I'll explain later." [The flames from the wildfire are still going in the background] (PW) "I... don't know if I'm gonna make it..." (CW) "You're gonna be okay! Look, help is coming right now!" (ND, in a Medivac 'copter) "THERE THEY ARE!" [close-up of the pair] (PW) "Well, if something... happens, I just want to tell you this... (CW, still crying and smiling) "Okay..." (PW, reaching up, touching her cheek with the back of his hand) "...I love you, Cassie." (CW, leaning down and kissing him) "I love you, Philip."

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