Burning Desire - Part 6

Part 6

Doesn't look good for Philip...

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [2011; thirty minutes after the explosion; the ground is charred from the explosion; the flame from the explosion shoots through the time window just before it closes – throwing two figures through it] (CW, landing face-first on the ground, a little singed and the time machine still open) "UNFFF!!! (pausing as she "comes to") "Ohhhh... Where's Ph-Phi... (sits up, seeing him laying a few yards away from her) PHILIP??? (runs over to him) PHILIP! SPEAK TO ME!!! (he's got marks all over him, as does Cassie; she tries to slap him awake) WAKE UP!!! (leaning over him, sobbing over his unconscious body, thinking she's lost him – again) Please... Philip... Don't leave me..."

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