She's Got Balls

She's Got Balls

I'm a regular player of the Lotto here in Texas. One of these days maybe I'll score all six (or at least five) numbers and win a load of cash. At least some of the lottery income is going to the education budget.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Texas Lottery Claim Center] (TX Lottery Agent) "You look like you just won big!" (CW, handing him the claim ticket) "Ohhh, you could say that!" (TXLA) "Well, let's take a look at that ticket! ...And here you go! Congratulations!" (CW) "Woohoo! Thank you SO MUCH, sweetie!" [outside the claim center... and a mailbox suddenly talks to Cassie] (KS) "Big day at the lotto, huh?" (CW) "Yeah... Our A/C unit died, and you know those things cost thousands to replace." (KS, peeking through the mail slot) "You know, you can get the winning numbers in advance only so many times before people start getting suspicious." (CW) "Why do you think I only pick five out of six? I stay under the radar that way!"

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