How I Feel About Myself

How I Feel About Myself

Nope, you're not gonna see any universe-destroying paradoxes here as a result of someone encountering her past self.

I did this one for my fans at the message board... I noticed a bunch of traffic coming from there, and after knocking about the forums I came across a thread about how much they loved it when Cassie did things with her past/future self. So this one's for y'all... thanks for stopping by! :)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW, laying naked on her bed, looking at her iPhone, to herself) Okay... It's 7:25... I'll just lay here for half an hour and get back to this point... [Time portal opens] (Future CW, in a half-tank top) "So, Cassie, are you ready for your full body massage?" (CW) "Of course I am!" (FCW) "Let's hope this works!" (CW, relaxing as FCW gives her a massage) "MMMMMMM... AHHHHH... (then suddenly) YEEOOWW!! (to "herself") I think... we twisted a muscle." (FCW, holding her side) "OUUCH... Now I'm feeling it! I guess I don't know my own body as well as I thought..."

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