Cassandra's Secret - Part 4

Part 4

That's right... the red-haired white guy is named Hakeem. I figured society would be integrated well enough in the future for this to happen.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [2071 continued] (Store manager) "Hey there Hakeem... How's your sales going?" (Hakeem, the LHC) "Very well. I might be making a sale to this lady here shopping for underwear.... Can you believe she's never worn anything ANED-enhanced?" (CW) "Yep. This is all new to me!" (Manager) "Wow, so you're toilet-trained, then? That's basically an ancient discipline these days..." (CW) " 'Ancient Discipline'?" (Manager) "Yeah... In fact, my generation was the last to be toilet-trained!" (Hakeem) "My butt has never touched 'Pampers' or toilet paper!" (CW) "Wow..." (to herself) How the fuck am I having this conversation?!

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