Cassandra's Secret - Part 3

Part 3

Can you imagine the Emily Post of the mid-21st century having to fashion some guidelines together on how to politely shit in public?

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (LHC) "Of course, there are still some places where toilets get used regularly... such as nightclubs and nudist colonies..." (CW, rolling her eyes) "I get the picture..." [Back to the WP article: Conception] "ANED was invented by nanotech engineer Nathan Franklin in 2033. According to his 2067 autobiography I Wear This Crown Of Shit, he almost soiled himself while stuck in a traffic jam with a gastrointestinal infection. After that near-incident, he set out to invent batterypowered undergarments that would instantly vaporize any excretement that touched the nanoapplianceenhanced fabric. Nathan patented ANED in 2034 and started selling his own brand of Eliminators undergarments in 2035. Originally conceived as a travel aid for motorists who wished to avoid rest stops on long journeys, Nathan soon realized the broader impact that ANED could have on society, and he began licensing the ANED technology to major clothing designers, textile producers, hospital supply companies and NASA. By 2060, Nathan was ranked among the world's top 10 self-made billionaires for his creation. [Societal Impact] Once ANED technology became standard in all undergarment production, profound changes were noticed in society that could clearly be attributed to it. Lack of demand for toilets led to the reduction or omission of them in new building construction. The diaper and sanitary napkin industry experienced massive layoffs, as production was either eliminated altogether or shifted to making conventional ANED-enhanced undergarments and tampons. New rules for etiquette had to be conceived for urinating and defecating in a polite, discreet manner. The practice of toilet-training young children was almost completely abandoned starting in the 2050's. [Environmental Impact] ANED has had a positive effect on the environment. A significant drop in landfill waste in the 2050's was attributed to the lack of disposable diapers being thrown in the trash. A drastic reduction of fecal matter in sewage led to major reorganization of sewer systems, as waste treatment plants around the world were shut down, reduced in capacity or reformulated to better treat other water hazards. And the ANED process of converting waste into oxygen has contributed greatly to keeping the Earth's oxygen levels generously high. (CW) "Uh... there's etiquette involved with peeing on yourself?" (LHC) "Oh yeah. You always excuse yourself if you have to shit. You don't want a 'grunt face' in the middle of a conversation!"

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