Cassandra's Secret - Part 2

Part 2

TLT Trivia: Nathan Franklin is the son of one of my wife's co-workers, whom she babysits every once in a while. And this is also the first time I've drawn fecal matter for this comic.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (LHC) "Here, I pulled up the ANED wiki page on this piece of net-paper... read for yourself." (CW) "Wow... okay... [the document reads] "ANED (pronounced AY-nid) is a form of autohygienic nanotechnology that revolutionized personal hygiene starting in the early 2040s. Every undergarment manufactured in the world today has ANED nanoappliances embedded in the fabric, rendering all diapers obsolete, almost eliminating the need for toilets and contributing to the oxygen levels in the environment." [Photo of Nathan Franklin, the inventor of ANED – in 2037 with a BM being "zapped" by his device in a press conference] [How ANED works] "...ANED-enhanced underwear, powered by basic high-grade battery tape, consists of millions of nanosized sensors, atomizers and electric deodorizers. As urine, fecal matter or other bodily fluids are discharged, the sensors detect the excretement and activate the atomizers, which disintegrate the excretement on contact. The process takes only 1-2 seconds to disintegrate an 18-inch stool and a pint of uri(ne)... totally harmless to the skin, the user feeling on a slight tickle. Early models had the waste matter converted to methane, but the schematics were successfully altered so that the excretement was converted into pure oxygen with virtually no odor. [Conception] ANED was invented by nanotech engin(eer)... 2067 autobiography "I Wear Th(is")... in a traffic jam with... invent... (CW) "So... basically, society has evolved to the point where everybody willing shits their pants..." (LHC) "You got it!"

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