A Heart To Heart Chat - Part 4

Part 4

Hopefully Cassie won't end up with a splitting headache.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Cassie and Philip are chatting on World2 – and Philip just dropped a bombshell on Cass] (NCDFW) A girlfriend??? When did this happen??? (P78TX) I met her just a couple weeks after the renfest. She's a stage actress at the local community theatre. [Philip is in bed and typing on his laptop, as his GF is sleeping beside him] (NCDFW) I've been such an ass. Can't we try again before you get too serious with her? (P78TX) I'm really sorry, Cassie... I thought we were done. So I moved on. You're the one that said you didn't want a steady relationship, right? [In world, from Philip's POV] (NCDFW) I guess you're right. This just completely SUCKS, though. (P78TX) Look, maybe Allen would be better for you. Crap, she's waking up, gotta run [POINK; scene shifts back to a common room] (HNH) Hey Cassie, you OK? (NCDFW) nlmo9nlo0jhunmyjmnhjj nnhjy ummnhjmujlk,kmni9bi9mbhnnhj [And we see WHY there's nothing but garbage letters on her screen...] (NCDFW)hjnkinhjyhkighhjkighkiyn [WHACK WHACK WHACK goes her forehead against her keyboard]

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