A Heart To Heart Chat - Part 2

Part 2

Poor Cassie (and poor Mascus as well)...

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Cassie is chatting with Philip via World2] (P78TX) So how've you been, Cass? (NCDFW) Alright, I guess... look, I'm sorry about Scarborough... I've been real stressed out lately and it's put me on edge sometimes. (P78TX) What's been stressing you out? You can tell me, I'm more than happy to be a shoulder to render tears on :) [Mascus is laying next to Cassie's chair by her bare feet – and he doesn't look good.] (NCDFW) Just stuff like... I had to take a pay cut at work, my lizard is a little sick, my favorite nightclub's been closed down since last March [Tiki Coladas], and my phone & cable bills have gone way up. (P78TX) Wow... that's a lot on your plate. I wish I could help out in some way. (NCDFW) Well, I know you're not a combination veterinarian & bartender :/ [In world, from Philip's POV] (P78TX) I know how to make a few drinks. ;) Maybe you should just take a day off and unwind. (NCDFW) I try... things have gotten so damn busy lately, though. (P78TX) If only you had a time machine to give yourself some extra time to chill out, right? ["Trigger words"! Cassie typing] (NCDFW) Hmmm... what would YOU know about time machines? (P78TX) Well, not much. As far as I know, time travel is impossible. But wouldn't it be great to go back a few hours and relax, and then get back to work without anyone missing you? [Back in world, from Cassie's POV] (NCDFW) That would be nice :) (P78TX) Of course, if anyone DID have a time machine, they'd have to keep it real secret... too many people messing with the timeline would fuck things up for everybody! [Cassie cannot BELIEVE what she just saw typed!] (P78TX) hello? You still there?

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