A Heart To Heart Chat - Part 1

Part 1

New storyline... there's a few subtle (and not-so-subtle) references to other comics/artists contained.

The obvious ones: Alone In A Crowd, Treading Ground

And the Chloe-Art District is named after a talented young lady by the name of Chloe, who draws a webcomic called Go Get A Roomie. Check it out, it's an awesome read!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW, logging in to World2, to herself) I wonder if Philip's gonna show up... This virtual world won't be quite the same with him not around. [World2] (PurvousTG) [Purvous Foster from the webcomic Treading Ground] Hey there Cass (HugNinjaHope) [Hope Avelina from the webcomic Alone In A Crowd] What's up Cassie!!! :) (NCDFW)Hi y'all! Has anyone seen Philip78TX around? [Cassie at her computer] (PTG) sry I haven't seen him (HNH) Nope, do you know when he last logged on? (NCDFW) Lemme check his profile [User Profile Summary; Philip 78 TX (Photo caption: "Better Living through Methane!"); Sex: Male; Age: 33; ONLINE; Location: The Gassy Plains of West Texas; Last Login: 07-06-2011 07:23 PM; Last Known Location: Chloe-Art District 34.125.27] (NCDFW) It says he's been on for the past 30 minutes... he must be ignoring me :( [POINK] (P78TX) Boo [Cassie, typing with a sly grin on her face] (NCDFW) Were you trying to scare me? I don't think it worked (P78TX) Well, I admit that some elements of surprise aren't as effective in cyberspace.

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