Draw? I Don't See No Paper!

Draw? I Don't See No Paper!

I haven't done an Opie & Anthony-related gag in quite a while... and while the Old West really doesn't have anything to do with O&A, it does give me a good opportunity to throw in some good Jim Norton references.

Comic transcript

[1870; the "Old West"] (CW, looking out at two men arguing) "There's the outlaw Jesse James, already notorious for a number of fights, murders and bank robberies..." (MG, to the old-timer next to him) "Who's he arguing with?" (Old Timer) "He goes by the name of Lyle 'Chip' Chipperson..." (Jesse James) "This town ain't big enough for the both of us, RUNT!" (Chip) "Well, of course it is! –Tssff- Otherwise these buildings would be the size of cigar boxes or somethin'!" (BG) 'Something tells me he won't live much longer..." (OT) "He never was the brightest lamp in the coal mine!" [In the background: "BILL TETLEY'S DRY GOODS", "TED'S GUN HANDLE EMPORIUM", "BANK OF NAGEL GORGE" – all homages to bits from "The Opie & Anthony Show"]

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