One Day At A Time Warp

One Day At A Time Warp

If I was ranking my favorite TV show themes of all time, "One Day At A Time" would definitely be in the top five. This here is a reenactment of the opening credits of the very first season in 1975.

As for Ardra, check out for a special cameo appearance!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - "This is it (Thiiis is it)..." [Cassie and the gang re-enact the opening credits of the first season of "One Day At A Time"; STARRING Cassie Wells (as Ann Romano – Bonnie Franklin's character); Bethany Gibson (as Julie Cooper – Mackenzie Philips); Matt Gahan (as David Kane – Ann's boyfriend for the first season – Richard Masur); Joan Arquette (as Barbara Cooper – Valerie Bertinelli); Keith Scott (as Dwayne Schneider – Pat Harrington Jr.)] (CW, off-screen as the last notes of the theme song play on the YouTube video) "Wow... That came out GREAT!" (JA) "THIS is what we were running around Indianapolis for?" (MG) "Weell, there wasn't much else to do after we saw the Indy 500!" (CW) "I hope Ardra likes it. She could use some encouragement at that speed dating event tonight!"

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