Big Mouth Strikes Again

Big Mouth Strikes Again

That would be Steve Barron, director of many fine music videos including a-ha's "Take On Me". I was totally guessing on how he'd look in 1984.

And of course, we don't really know if Grayson Wilcox (daughter of Katie Cook) will follow in Mommy's footsteps, much less change her name to Grae.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1984; London] (BG, with Cassie at a pub in SoHo) "So where... or when... do you want to go after the Smiths concert?" (CW) "Hmmm... Actually, I'd like to visit London in 2044!" (BG, wearing a "Frankie say RELAX" tshirt) "2044, eh? What goes on then?" (CW) "That's when famed artist Grae Wilcox unveils her new 'holgraph' invention at the MCM Comic Expo in London!" (Male Pub-goer) "What's a Holgraph?" (MG) "CRAP..." (CW) "I got this, Beth... Well, sir, I imagined this 'Comic Book of the Future'... Where a graphic novel is not just 3-D, it's fully interactive and each panel is animated. Some comics have the action leap right out at you, and some are so complex it's like you get sucked in to their strange fantasy world!" (Guy) "That sounds bloody BRILLIANT!" (CW) "Isn't it? But we're nowhere near the technological level needed to make it a reality... Still, it's fun to imagine it!" (BG, off-screen) "Was that a good idea?" (CW, also offscreen) "Don't worry! We're in 1984, how's he gonna do anything with that?" (Steve Barron, director of TMNT, Coneheads, Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean"... and...) "`Ey, this is Steve. Tell the guys in a-Ha that I've got a smashing new idea for a music video!" ["Take On Me", which premiered a year later]

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