Faster Than A Speeding Conspiracy

Faster Than A Speeding Conspiracy

It was either him or Dean Cain (the other Superman actor not done in under strange circumstances)... but my wife and I were big fans of the "Smallville" TV series and I didn't see much of the "Lois & Clark" series... so Mr. Welling it was.

And hey, who knows if one of my readers is the head of a global media empire in a few decades... ;)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [2081; Downtown Dallas HQ of GaviNet News Headlines; today's news: "TOM WELLING DEAD AT AGE 103; Actor best known for roles in 'Smallville' 2D TV series & 'Starslip' holofilm franchise"; picture is of Welling as Memnon Vanderbeam of Kris Straub's "Starslip"] (CW) "Nice to see that a Superman actor lived to a ripe old age for once!" (Blonde Dreadlock Guy) "He died of heart failure! It's 'Superman's Curse', I tell ya!"

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