Cadbury To The Future

Cadbury To The Future

Yeah, I know Cassie already had a "real-life" run-in with Galasso... at any rate, I didn't want a certain Mr. Hogan to get too bored. ;)

Happy Easter to all my Christian readers out there!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (BG, seeing Cassie is downing some Cadbury Crème Eggs) "Getting to those a bit early, aren't ya?" (CW, seated and unwrapping one) "Can you blame me? These 'crème eggs' are heaven on earth! (thinking) At least I'm not eating a bunch of 'em like cereal... Like that Robin chick from the 'Shortpacked' Comic!" (BG, who doesn't read Dave Willis' webcomic) "Like... Cereal?" (CW) "Yup! She dumped a dozen or so 'crème eggs' into a bowl, poured milk on them, took a bite... All of a sudden, she's elected to congress or brokered world peace!" (BG) "That was a fictional storyline, you know..." [Obviously, she's not aware of the irony of this statement] (CW) "Well, yeah... (taking a bite) Still, it's fun to imagine that a wonderful candy like this could cause time to go lightning-fast in the right conditions!" (BG) "It goes lightning-fast to my hips, that's for sure..."

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