The Rainbow Connection

The Rainbow Connection

You know that some D.J. at some classic rock station somewhere did that very same line, or something very similar to it.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Dallas freeway, somewhere in the Metroplex; Cassie has the top down on her Miata and is listening to "Stone Cold" by Rainbow] (DJ, on XM Radio 39) That was "Stone Cold" by Rainbow from 1982... This is Scuzz here with you on a nice Monday afternoon... You know what, I'm gonna turn right around and play another Rainbow song... That's right... It's a DOUBLE RAINBOW ALL THE WAY! What does it MEAN?!?! ...Iiiit means I'm a douche. This is "Hair Nation". [Cassie rolls her eyes as the radio plays "Man On The Silver Mountain"]

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