Circling Uranus Looking For Klingons

Circling Uranus Looking For Klingons

When I first came up with this gag (one of my originals from 1995-96), I was just gonna use Kirk & Spock. But then I figured the Next Generation cast wasn't getting much love these days.

Also: after this strip, Matt's nose settled into its round shape that you're all familiar with. This is the last one where it looks irregular (though I still can't decide on the chin shape until a bit later).

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [ST:TNG Riker and Picard on TV, as Cassie and MG watch] (CW) "Of course, it's not gonna really be like that in the 24th Century..." [MG gives her a dirty look] (CW) "Shit... I'm sorry. I'll just shut up now." (MG) "What's next, you gonna go back to the 70's and spoil Space: 1999 for everybody?"

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