The Clay To San Jose - Part 3

Part 3

Those are some quirky little ceramic pieces, aren't they...

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (BG, outside "Neptune Butterfly Fine Ceramics") "This must be the place!" (CW) "It's their names, alright!" (BG, inside the store with Cassie) "Wow... They do some pretty cool stuff!" (Off-screen voice) "hello! Can I help you find anything?" (CW, surprised) "Butterfly? How've you been? My... Mom's told me so much about you!" (Butterfly, now a lot older, in a tie-dyed dress) "Your mom? Would I know her?" (CW) "She said she gave you a ride to Woodstock!" (Butterfly, thinking) "Hmmm... I don't quite remember that!" (BG) "And the old Woodstock adage still rings true..."

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