The Clay To San Jose - Part 1

Part 1

New storyline commences. You might recognize something from one of my favorite new webcomics, by the way.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (BG, sitting next to Cassie on a plane) "Now where exactly are these folks at again?" (CW) "If I remember correctly, Nicki said that our old Woodstock friends are in San Jose and they now own a pottery shop. (BG) "That's gonna be so weird... we only met them a couple of years ago, and now to them it'll be over 40 years since they saw us!" (CW) "Which is why we gotta remember to use our real names while we're there. And if they mention our 'Hippie Selves', they're supposed to be our parents." (BG) "It's great that they manage to start a business back then, and keep it going up to this point!" (CW) "Well, I'm just glad that our involvement in their lives didn't alter that career path they took. (turning to Matt, who is reading a magazine with a Cornelius Snarlington from 'Scenes From A Multiverse' on the back cover) What's your plan for the Bay area, Matt?" (MG, a tad sarcastic) "I was gonna go back to the 80's and take in a pre-big-time Metallica or Green Day show. Nothing as heartwarming or existential-ish as YOUR plans, mind you..."

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