This right here is the 400th TLT comic... guest starring Tori Amos!

Thanks to all my readers for your support, I appreciate each and every one of you!

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1993] (CW) "Oh man... I can't believe I fell into the world's largest cereal bowl!" (MG, wearing a Pavement t-shirt) "All that just to get Kid Rock's attention!" (CW) "Well, at least no friends of mine will know about this." (MG) "Oh, there may be a bit of photographic evidence..." (CW, off screen) "WHAT??!" (MG, holding the photo of Cassie climbing out of the "World's Largest Cereal Bowl" from the Calhoun County Fair, Battle Creek Michigan) "One Hour Photo, Baby!" (CW, grabbing the photo from Matt) "GIMME THAT! This is staying here in Michigan in the TRASH!" (MG) "Oh, come ON!" [neither notice girl in the background] (CW, off screen) "Ugh. I can't BELIEVE you took that picture!" (MG, off screen as we look at the contents of the garbage can) "Well, excuse ME, Nellie No-fun." [Hand picks up the part of the picture from the trash] (Background Girl, to herself) Heh... A "Corn Flake Girl"...[Background Girl is Tori Amos!] Hmmm... Maybe that's what I'll call that song I've been working on!

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