Egypt Is The Place To Be...?

Egypt Is The Place To Be...?

Greg "Egyptian Lover" Broussard is alive and well, and probably living in L.A. or something.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW, watching the news coverage of the riots in Egypt) "Wow... Egypt's being turned upside down." (MG) "Riots everywhere, the military taking control..." (CW) "Yeah, it's a madhouse! Not even reporters are safe!" (MG) "And what about the Egyptian Lover? What kind of imminent danger could he be in???" (CW, pausing to give Matt a look, then) "Matt, whoever the 'Egyptian Lover' is, I'm sure he's nowhere near Egypt at the moment..." (MG, fist raised in defiance) "SAVE THE EGYPTIAN LOVER, DAMMIT!!!"

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