Computer Love

Computer Love

I admit I'm not that meme-savvy, but I've seen this popular little graphic here and there... so I decided to make a gag around it.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (BG, at the front desk of TerCon as Cassie comes in, pointing to a bouquet of roses) "Hey Cass! These are for YOU!" (CW) "REALLY? Awesome! (looks at the card) They're from Allen!" (BG) "Hmmm... Looks like Philip needs to step up now!" (CW) "Actually, Philip already sent me an e-mail greeting, and he also says he's got something in the mail!" (BG) "Lucky you... What does the card from Allen say?" (CW) "Lemme look... (laughing) HAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, that's HILARIOUS!" (BG) "What???" (CW, showing her the card) "You know, if that's not a timely Valentine's Day card, I don't know WHAT is!" [Trollface character with text: "CASSIE U STOLE MY HEART / Y U NO GIVE IT BACK 2 ME?"]

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