Everything You Need To Know From Q To M

Everything You Need To Know From Q To M

I admit, this would have worked better if audio was involved... just imagine that, instead of G, P, V and Z, the rhyming letters are T, D, L and M.

And I know it's highly unlikely that there will ever be a big shift in the alphabetical order... but stranger things have happened...

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (BG) "So… What future fare have you brought us this time?" (CW, in a rather unique hairstyle) "This little alphabet toy here… Vintage 2042!" (BG) "What's so special about that thing?" (CW) "Well… Hear it for yourself!" [presses a button, and letters are projected holographically in the air] (Toy voice, singing) "Q, W, E, R, T… Y, U, I-O-P, A, S, D… F, G, H…J, K, L… Z, X, C, V, B, N, M… Now I know my Q-W-E's…" (BG) "That's… Creepy." (CW) "Just goes to show you how pervasive that keyboards and texting will get in our society."

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