It's A Beautiful World They'll Live In

It's A Beautiful World They'll Live In

Of course, the guys from Devo would go on to form Mutato Muzika, a musical score production company that would provide quirky musical backdrops to shows like "Rugrats", "Beakman's World" and "Pee-Wee's Playhouse", not to mention films like "Bottle Rocket" and "Happy Gilmore".

(And that's a real radio station that was in Dallas in the early 80's - album-rock 98 KZEW "The Zoo". It's been a hip-hop station - 97.9 "The Beat" - since 2000.)

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1980] (DJ from 98 KZEW, Dallas, in the studio with the members of Devo] "Alright, let's go to our next caller. Cassie, you're on The Zoo with Devo!" (CW, over phone) "Hey there. I bet you anything in about 15 years these guys will be doing music for kiddie TV shows!" [Laughter from EVERYONE – even the DJ] (Mark Mothersbaugh – the "guy with the glasses" in Devo) "That's a good one!" (Gerald Casale – the other "lead singer" of Devo) "Oh, MAN..." (MG, in classic Van Halen t-shirt and Mike Brady "fro") "Doesn't sound like they believe you." (CW) "I just love it when they don't know what's gonna hit them..."

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