Hello, Dolley!

Hello, Dolley!

As it turns out, Dolley Madison, first lady of President James Madison, WAS the inspiration for the Dolly Madison line of snack cakes (which wasn't around until 1937, and didn't enter my consciousness until the 70's when I started watching the Charlie Brown specials).

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [1809; Washington DC, outside the White House] (President James Madison, consoling his wife after a visit with Matt) "Now, now, Dolley, you know you've baked many a cake for a party. The young man was just complimenting you on your delicacies!" (Dolley Madison) "Yes, James, but I don't ever remember making anything called a Zinger!" [Yet again Matt is smiling while Cassie's eyes are lifted skyward]

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