Jeffersonian Principles - Part 3

Part 3

I kinda miss the easygoing slacker-types of the 90's...

Anyway, today I'm 39 years old. Seriously. I'm not one to do that "10th anniversary of my 29th birthday" or "39 forever" or any crap like that. I know I'm an old fart now... but I'm gonna keep churning these out as long as I have good use of my arms.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (BG) "Hey Cass! How'd the turkey dinner go?" (CW) "Ugh… It was an emotional roller coaster this year." (BG) "Whoa… How so?" (CW) "Allen Jefferson was there." (BG) "Allen? The guy you hooked up with on our '95 Six Flags trip?" (CW) "Yes… And he was one of the homeless guys!!!" (BG) "Oh my God… And you pretty much put him there!" (CW, hand to her head again) "SHUT UP! I'm feeling GUILTY ENOUGH as it is! He kept telling me it wasn't my fault… I'd like to think he was being sincere, but deep down inside he probably still resents me!" (BG) "I don't think so… Allen was never the aggressive type, more of an easygoing slacker dude. You think you might go back and do something about his criminal record?" (CW) "I don't know… I mean, since the younger me was involved, it would probably not be a good idea." (BG) "I hope you got him a decent place to stay for a night, at least…" (CW) "Um… Wellll…" (AJ, with his backpack) "So which room did you say I can sleep in?"

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