Jeffersonian Principles - Part 2

Part 2

Yeah, I know Allen looks a lot like Kurt Cobain. I realized that midway through assembling the comic and believe me, it's purely coincidental.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - (CW) "Well. THIS is awkward." (AJ, who looks a LOT different now – long, scraggly hair, growth of beard and old, ratty clothes) "Yeah. It's been a while since… that one day." (CW) "I feel so… awful. I know it's been fifteen years, but… seeing you like this makes me wish I could've said more." (AJ) "Cassie… Don't feel bad. Remember, I told you to not say anything. Your reputation and I'm sure your scholarships were at stake. At least you're doing well now, I'm happy for you!" (CW) "But… If I'd have known that my silence would have led to you losing everything like this, I would never have clammed up!" (AJ) "Please stop blaming yourself. It was ultimately my fault for not asking how old you were in the first place. I found a place to live and work where they didn’t mind me being labeled a sex offender..." (CW, facepalming for real) "SEX OFFENDER??? fuck… I REALLY feel like shit now!" (AJ) "No... that really wasn’t because of you. I violated my probation and as a result, had to go on the registry. So you had nothing to do with that. It was my stupid mistake. I made my bed and I've laid in it. But I've gotten by for the most part. I've been homeless for only a few months, really. This is just a minor setback, I'll get back on my feet. The past is done… There's nothing we can do about it." (CW) "Well, I can do something… (thinks a second) Uh, never mind."

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