Jeffersonian Principles - Part 1

Part 1

What's this? A storyline starting in the middle of the week? Well, yeah... it DOES begin on Thanksgiving Day, after all. (Happy Turkey Day, by the way!)

Those of you unfamiliar with Allen may want to check this strip out (as well as the one after it).

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Turkey Feast time at the local Homeless Assistance Center] (MH) "Ready to serve the homeless masses again, Cassie?" (CW) "Wouldn't miss it for the world, Mags! (looking through the window with Maggie) What a huge turnout this year!" (MH) "Yep... Thanks to the recession, we're gonna have our hands full." (Director) "Cassie, you're on mashed potato duty..." (CW) "Alrighty!" (Director) "Maggie, you'll handle the gravy... Joan, you said you're good with knives. Can you help carve the turkey?" (JA, saluting with her knife) "It would be an honor!" (CW, serving up the mashed potatoes) "Here you go, sir! Happy thanksgiving!" (Homeless man) "Thank you, ma'am! [pause] umm... Is your name Cassie?" (CW looks ahead – stunned) "ALLEN?"

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