Attack Of The Stoned

Attack Of The Stoned

Well, since this was strip #37 for me, I figured I should do something pertaining to Clerks or some other Kevin Smith film. As it turns out, I also got the Star Wars universe involved.

Comic transcript

TRANSCRIPTION COURTESY OF JOSEPH HOUK - [Obi-Wan Kenobi just got done meeting with Dexter Jettster and is leaving his diner when two alien-looking loiterers get his attention] (Se-wem) "Whassup, Wookiee-Face! Ya wanna get Jed-high?" (Obi-Wan) "The code forbids it, Se-wem, you know that!" (Se-wem) "Whatever, dude. Silent Vraag just got this shit in last week... premium ENDO from ENDOR!" (Obi-Wan) [walking away] "No thanks..." (Se-wem) "You're missing out, Wan-Man! Those little Ewok bitches sure know how to grow their grass!" [Cut to MG & CW at the computer] (MG) "...And it would've been that simple! I mean, Kevin Smith paid homage to Star Wars in all those films he did, you'd think George Lucas could've returned the favor in some way, somewhere in his prequel trilogy." (CW) "And I should care... why?"

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